How To Catch A LIAR

     There are trained agents out in the world that can catch a liar. Unfortunately we are not trained to tell when someone is lying or not and some people can sound very convincing. Sometimes some people actually sound so convincing that we believe what they say. 

So how do we figure out if someone is lying to us or telling us the truth?                                                                                The answer is ,by recognizing the signs. It is actually not that hard to figure it out.

  1.  INCONSISTENCIES- You have to pay close attention when looking for inconsistencies. If you child says ‘ Well I only heard the glass break ,but I did not look in that direction I just ran ‘ most likely that is not true. Like most people , If they hear a bang or a crash they always just automatically look in that direction. It is like when someone screams your name really loud , you always jerk your head in that direction. Just look for inconsistencies that do not fit.
  2. THE UNEXPECTED- Watch the person carefully , when they do not expect it,ask them a question that they are not prepared for , this way you trip them up. Most of the time when you trip someone up , they will act like they do not hear you and they will repeat the question to you to buy themselves some time.
  3. THE WAY THEY ACT You want to pay close attention to how they are acting. Are they usually a very calm person but all of a sudden very anxious? Or vice versa?
  4. EMOTIONS- Look for fake emotions. The worse is when they do the ” fake cry”. You can always tell when they are faking a smile , or acting angry, etc. Especially when you know that person very well.
  5. EXPRESSIONS- Watch for real quick expressions. an example: If someone is happy but inside they are truly upset or angry, it will come through for a quick second.

Studies show that 99% of those that were tested in about 10,000 people-will not see them, that is how quick it is.

6.  UNEASY- If you get the sense that someone is uneasy, than most likely they are uneasy. A person that is uneasy will not make eye contact,they act jittery,they won’t stop moving, they look away. Anything that indicates anxiety.

7.  DETAILS- To much details usually means they are lying. Say you ask someone ” where were you” and they say ‘ I was at the store, but I had to get eggs ,and then I remembered that I didn’t have milk , and then on the way home someone was………’ that is TOO MUCH DETAIL.

But you also need to recognize when someone is actually telling you the truth. We can mainly tell when it is someone who we have known for a long time. Some people might seem like they are lying but they are really telling the truth. As parents it is best to be trusting. I know for me it is hard sometimes. My oldest daughter is like ‘ The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf’ ,but we are working on it little by little. I have to learn to be trusting instead of always looking for lies. 


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