Long Island

Bio: Constance Carlsen was born in Texas and moved to Long Island during childhood. Her love for nature comes from her father who passed away in her teens. It was a very hard hit for Constance but she always will remember what her father always said to her, " If nature and photography is your passion , than run with it! Take it all the way" and that is what Constance plans to do. She hope to capture the beauty and tranquility of this beautiful world and share it with her audience. Not only is photography a love and passion for Constance , helping others with their fight against addiction is something Constance takes very seriously as well. Constance always says " If I can help at least one person overcome their struggles with addiction than I have made a difference!" To learn more about Constance Carlsen and her gallery,please visit http://constance-carlsen.artistwebsites.com/. You can also check out her other two wordpress sites http://constancecarlsen1.wordpress.com, http://constancecarlsen2.wordpress.com,

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9 thoughts on “About

    • constancecarlsen1 says:

      I just looked at your site and it is lovely. I have not gotten a chance to check out, like I just did, the whole site ” Sacred Touches ” . I love it ,everything about it . Now I really truly look forward to reading more of your posts. I am trying to figure out how to receive and email every time a new post of yours come up.It is very heart warming. Thank you for being a writer on WordPress. I love coming across extraordinary, and interesting people! Sorry I do not want to start sounding like a stalker lol I know I wrote I believe 2 times today. I just was in such a rush getting the kids ready for school I did not really get a chance to read most of your posts, who you are and what you stand for and believe in.

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      • nataliescarberry says:

        I’m so glad you like what you’ve found so far. If you will read my “about” page you learn a lot about who I am and what I stand for. And also, Constance, on the top right hand corner of each of my posts is a orange block that says FOLLOW. If you’ll click that, you’ll get an email whenever I post a new one which is every day. I loved your Merry Christmas post and photo tonight. 🙂


  1. marjma2014 says:

    What an inspiring quote from your father. Lovely to have that encouragement to pursue your photography. My youngest daughter is a keen photographer too, I’m doing all I can to encourage her too:)


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