Why We Should Set Boundaries on Our Kids Tech Addiction

Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries

I remember being a kids and riding bikes in the summertime,playing two hand touch football,playing in the pool, playing man-hunt at night, etc. Winter time we would be sleigh riding , building snowmen,playing board games inside, I even went around shoveling people driveways..It was a good way for us kids to earn money for around the Holidays .We had some technology such as Nintendo,or those little hand-held games, but our faces were not shoved in them like kids today with their technology today.Nowadays all kids like to do is sit with their faces shoved into a computer,cell phone ,or Ipods.  These kids eat,sleep,and dream,technology. We were very active in our generation. Kids today have no socialization skills what-so-ever. They have no etiquette , as well as no manners. But it is not all their fault. Some parents have so much to do that sometimes technology is truly a life saver and it keep them out of our hair for a bit while we get things done, I admit I am one of those moms. But it has come to a point that we need to start setting some boundaries for out children and their technology addictions. We need to teach our kids that life is not all about technology.Yes , it is all over the place ,businesses,corporations use technology, etc., but when they go on a job interview  what are they going to do, whip out their phone and text to the manager while sitting right in front of each other? No way!  People still do need to communicate through talking and expressions, NOT JUST THROUGH TECHNOLOGY!


  •     exercises less ,more prone to obesity
  •     have trouble sleeping and get less sleep
  •     read less
  •     less quality time with/the family
  •     have a harder time making good decisions because of the information overload

Kids should not have any kind of electronics in their bedroom , especially at night. I do allow my daughter to have her cell phone at night, I allowed it once and her friends were texting her at like 2:00 am. The was the first and last time that I allowed it. The only T.V. that should be in the house is the one in your living room. Research shows that people who use these items close to bedtime have a harder time falling asleep.

Kids are going to push back telling you that you are the only parent setting boundaries and it is not right. That is not true. 88% of parents agree about setting boundaries when it comes to technology.

Talk to your child on how you want them to succeed in life and that they way to do that is by getting enough sleep,exercise,eating right,etc. This way you will be able to concentrate better in school and do your school work right. Let them also know that you do want them to stay connected to their friends as well but their will be boundaries set and that’s it!. They will bitch and moan a little , but do not give in and they will adjust eventually.


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