Snowman   Get your snowman candle just in time for the holidays!

I always love holiday candles that bring the smell of Christmas right into my home. It reminds me of my childhood. Since I am not the best cook I do not bake any kind of pies. But when I light up one of my candles it brings that warmth of the holidays in. My mother was a huge baker when I was little and I always remembered when I came home from school and walked in our house we would get hit with an unbelievable smell of hot apple pie or maple pumpkin pie, Since I can not bake to save my life I thought , what better way to bring those sweet smells back into the home than with a candle!

It truly brings me back to the holidays where the whole family would get together and forget in that moment all the bickering and arguing. We would leave whatever grudges we had with each other at the door and act as though everything was peachy. After the night had finished we all did forget about all those petty arguments. The holidays are about warmth,smells,love,and family .


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