fire victims   This family desperately needs help right now , at this very minute. They have a few days left in a hotel. this was a tragedy that should have never have happened. This family lost everything in the matter of minutes. I am desperately trying to help them get back on their feet. They did not only lose material things but they lost their beloved dog Jody. This is very difficult for a child. These children deserve to be happy. they deserve their Christmas back. Everything love loved and knew was taken from them. No one should ever have to endure this kind of pain. Will you please open your hearts to this family? We are not asking for a large donation just a little something to help them get by.  How would you feel if you and your children lost everything? you would be devastated and looking for people to lean on and support you . that is what I am trying to do for them. I am only one person. I have exhausted all my financials to help this family but it was barely nothing. Will you please show your support and give a little bit? Every little bit helps. You have no idea how grateful they would be. This family deserves to be happy in a warm , loving home. They are looking to us for support. Please let us know that they can count on us to make a difference in their lives. They need us right now , at this very moment.


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