House fire

This link is to a donation site for a family who house burned down on January 6th 2016 in shirley ny. To verify this you can go to I am desperately trying to help this family rebuild their lives. This family of four deserves a warm loving home. They do not have home owners insurance so they can not depend on that. These two little boys deserve to be happy again. Everything they have ever known is gone. Their holidays were ruined by this tragedy. No one deserves to be left in the cold. We have some money raised for this family but not enough. they need enough to where they will be able to at least rent a home and get some furniture. I have been to churches , businesses , you name it . I have been everywhere picking up donations. I am begging you to please help this family. Thank goodness everyone got out safe except for their dog. That is tough a child. This family needs help rebuilding their lives and I am really trying to make that happen. Will you please donate. Even 5 dollars will come a long way for this family. Please find it in your hearts to help this family.



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