Now I am one of those woman who still believe that , if you have children you should be a stay at home mom! Maybe that is because I never seen ” work” in my vocabulary when I had my first child. I have three now and because of the economy , my husband and I agreed that there is no other choice. If we were going to make it with three kids ,we were not going to be able to make it on his salary alone. But I do have to admit , I am not to sure about my job. Yes I love it because I see new faces and different personalities everyday. Some a little more different from others, which is fine, nothing wrong with some loopies , as long as they are respectful. But I have realized most men are not how they used to be. Many have no respect for woman these days , and say some things that are out of line! That is besides the point though. I love my kids, I am not saying that other mothers out there in the work field do not. Please do not think that for one minute. Some have no choice but to put their children in childcare due to being a single parent. But how do you find the right one?

I am petrified of leaving my children with anyone else but my mother. I do not even feel comfortable leaving my children with my sister! I know that must sound a little odd to some, but there has been a lot of strain on mine and my sisters relationship. My kids are spoiled rotten, I know that is my fault and that is not a good way to raise your kids.( In societies eyes anyway) . But if anybody has read my blogs on addiction , you would know that I had my own problem with addiction. I never EVER abused them in any way. They actually had a great life, until the courts yanked them out of my custody and were put in my mothers custody. But without their mother around for about 6 months – that takes a toll on a child.

My point is, I do not feel comfortable having someone else watch, yell, discipline my own children. I have some …separation issues since the courts took them from me, so now that I have them back (which has been for 3 years) I am afraid to let them out of my site. I guess my question to mom’s out there is, How do you find a GREAT childcare? How do you find one you can trust? Am I the only one to have these feelings and these issues of separation? Am I holding my children back from socialization skills? I guess you can say I am scared . I am scared that the one time I put them in childcare , something horrible is going to happen.

I have read quite a few articles about childcare, and they have not been good. I have heard about abuse and molestation is childcare. The thought of any person putting a finger on any of my kids is such a gut wrenching feeling. It is a scary place out there for kids these days. they rely on their parents to protect them. What if something was to happen ? It would be my fault because I put them in that situation.

Any thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.


One thought on “Work

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    I know the ideal is for you to stay home. As you have stated you have to work. Accept that and move forward. Spoil your kids with the time you have available. They will grow to look forward to you as much as you do them. Shower them with love and affection every moment you can. As they grow older you will know when to give them more of their own space. I know you will do what is right because you live them😄💙


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