Bullying(in my opinion) is the worse kind of abuse. It does so much damage to ones self-esteem and dignity. bullies beat your ego so far down into the ground that you literally feel like you are six feet under.

People that are being bullies do not understand why they have fallen victim to this type of abuse. Remember, this is all in my opinion. people fall victim to this kind of abuse due to their lack or self-esteem,dignity,confidence,self-worth, any way you want to put it a bully can sense it. It is as if the bully can sniff them out. Like a lack of this combination lets off a specific scent.

Bullies will go after anyone who show just a minute amount of fear.They pick on the ones that are smaller and weaker than them. Or vice versa , they will pick on someone who is over-weight. It does not matter who tells them how much you are hurting. the more you hurt the better they” think” they feel about themselves. But do they really feel better about themselves? Not at all. Honestly , let’s get down to the truth here shall we? They pick on others out of jealousy,plain and simple. Most bullies are not quite in the middle or upper class , so when they see someone better dressed or seems to be financially stable but not to confident ,the bullying begins. Now this is not necessarily always the factor though. Sometimes bullying happens at the work place as well. example: You get a position that the other has been fighting for , for quite some time. Meanwhile you have been there a couple of months and the boss gives you the position. the whole time thinking this person was your friend , and now the true colors come out.

Not only do I feel bad for the victim but I feel awful for the bully as well. You have to remember that this person is a victim themselves. they have become their own victim. They are the ones that lose out in the end , not you. They are the ones that are left alone due to their negligence and ignorance, when you have people who love you and try to help you build your self-esteem and confidence back up. You have to remember that there are deeper issues under that hardcore  outer appearance that they are not showing. Inside they most likely feel like they are drowning. Inside, they are screaming for help , but no one can hear them due to their arrogant ways.

Just remember that you are not alone! There are so many people in this world that get bullied. If you let the bully get to you , than they win! Do not give them the satisfaction. Like Taylor Swift says, “Shake it off”. I know that is so much easier said than done, trust me , I truly understand. I have been bullied more than half of my life. But I chose to fight. I chose to fight for my dignity, my self-respect, and my self-worth. Not only for myself did I fight ,but I needed to fight , so my kids could see that I am strong and that they are too. You keep your head held high, and your dignity even higher. They can’t win unless you let them. Are you a fighter, or a quitter?

Bullying is no more than someone who has too much time on their hands and lives a very boring and dull life. They have no one to tell them right from wrong and if they do , that person does not teach them the right way about morals and etiquette. they need guidance and many families today are more dysfunctional than ever before.The statistics of children with parents with addiction problems are higher than they have ever been. In my opinion , ALL schools should have a session , everyday , on just bullying. Just like they have classes on English,Science,History, etc. They should have a class , a period, for bullying.


9 thoughts on “Bullies

      • Kirt D Tisdale says:

        This subject surfaced just the other day between my wife and I….bullying continues throughout life….we both just encountered issues from people in their late 50’s….go figure, but I would assume they have been bullies of one form or another throughout their lives…they only win if you let them as you stated!

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      • constancecarlsen1 says:

        I am fighting this battle with my daughter and her being bullied. She thinks by changing who she is she will fit in but I keep telling her that it makes her ordinary. Why would u want to fit in? Why not stand out and stand tall? I keep telling her that she is going to lose herself in it all and one way or another they will always find something with her to bully just because they are jealous of her.it is such a cruel world we live in but if you do not start building your strength at a young age you will be weak when u get older.

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  1. Inspiration Indulgence says:

    Love this! I actually just wanted an episode about bullying today on Dr. Phil and was reminded of how devastating this is. I agree, there should be a class that young people are required to take! Especially now with cyber bullying…people are cowards and think that they can say whatever they want because they are behind a computer screen. it’s just as easy to be NICE behind a screen as it is to say hurtful words! Thank you for brining attention to important issues like this up. Needs more recognition!!!!


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