When I started WordPress, I had no intentions or hopes of gaining any friendships. First off, I have not had good experiences with “friendships” and second my intuition when it comes to others is far off. I am a firm believer in fate. I could have started my blogging on any other site, but instead I started on WordPress. Why? Well , for starters, the intellectualism on WordPress is amazing. Then came the humor, the interesting articles, beautiful photography from amazing photographers ,both professional and amateur, Last , but not least, the sweet comments that flow in from total strangers.

I know it has been some time now since my last blog. but I do not believe in writing ,well, just to write, just to fill a time gap. If I do not have something important to share, If there is no emotion or feeling behind what I am writing , I rather have that time gap. You can always tell when someone just throws something together just cause. It is pointless, people can tell when you have really put some thought into your writing and when you have not. I refuse to throw a bunch of garbage at my fellow bloggers.

If you remember, If you have actually read my blogs, I wrote a little article called, “Friend or Foe”. I wrote this article due to my lack of self-esteem and the desperate want for friends. I was never good at picking friends, I more let them choose me. Bad idea! After they rang me dry for almost everything I had (at least they let me keep the shirt on my back) when it was my turn for help , they were nowhere to be found. I am not one of those people who, when I give I expect something in return. That is not the way friendships work. But after being abused and walked all over like I was some dirty mat , I finally had enough. I had enough to the point where I just started shutting people out. The last friendship I had been years ago. My life has been quite…..peaceful(excluding my kids) . There has been no drama, no he said she said crap. But I think things have started to change .

I will not mention any names due to the respect I have for this sweet person. This person has change my way of thinking, he has changed my perspective on friendships. I met this person through WordPress, and I am very happy that I did.This person has become my friends , and it feels really good to be able to say those words.This person has shown me respect , guidance, and that there are wonderful people still out there in the world. A “friendship” is not just being around for the good. A friend is someone who sticks around when things start getting tough, they fight through it with you and give you a shoulder to lean on when you need to cry . they do not just listen to what you are saying , they actually here the words and understand what you are saying. They give advice, but let you make the choice on if you want to take that advice or not. They do not judge you no matter what you do wrong . they help without any expectations of getting back. They respect you and yours in and out of public. That is this person. Thank you!

I know I am constantly saying thank you, to you. I do not know how to show gratitude, it is a feeling I have never gotten a chance to express. I just wanted to say , once again,  thank you from the bottom of my heart for understanding my situation and not judging me. Thank you for your kindness, and kind words, you guidance and wisdom as well as your support . You also showed me that it is okay to ask for help once in a while, that it is okay to fail once in a while. That is what makes us human. You have taught me to never be ashamed that I have failed. The only way to improve is to fail.(in my opinion) You truly understand the definition of ” friendship”. You have a kind soul and I can thank God for putting such a kind, sweet person on this earth, and into my life. I know they are out there , but “friendships” are hard to come by these days.  SO , once again,Thank you for being my friend.


5 thoughts on “Friend

  1. Kirt D Tisdale says:

    Very moving blog and well stated! Our middle daughter went through a nasty patch a couple of years ago with her “good friends”. Shortly after marrying her husband, they both realized they were not good together. Her “good friends” turned on her as if she had just committed a crime…all but one. That one friend (and us) saw her through some very tough times and stood by her side. I never had to say it, as she realized on her own…those were never her “good friends”. Friends are loyal regardless of the stupid stuff you do, because they love you. Painful, but valuable life lesson for her….fast forward to today…happy in a “healthy” relationship and has surrounded herself with “true friends”! Great post Constance!!

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    • constancecarlsen1 says:

      Thank you so very much! Yes I have a problem with bullying and ” true Friendships” I always thought that maybe if I bought my ” friends’ stuff that they would see that I am a caring and generous person as well as a good friend. But that was my mistake! they took me for everything! I will not make the same mistakes.

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