Fire Island Lighthouse

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The fire Island Lighthouse opened on The Great South Bay in Southern Suffolk in 1826. The history of the Lighthouse is a great one, especially for the first European immigrants. ” The Fire Island Lighthouse was their first sight of land upon arrival in America.”

It was completed in 1826,a beautiful cream-colored with River blue split tones that stood at 74 feet tall.

But due to its lack of height,it was ripped down and the stones were reused to build a terrace for the present Lighthouse.

In 1857, Congress constructed a new tower,now standing at 168 feet tall. It was lit for the first time in 1858. The colors are now of black and white.

The Fire island Lighthouse was lit with different types of fuel until electricity came into play at the Lighthouse on September 20, 1938. But…

Due to a hurricane on September 21,1938, yes the day after, all electricity was severed,causing a delay in the electrification of the Lighthouse.

In 1984 the Lighthouse was placed on the national Register of Historic Places.

Today- the Lighthouse is lit by 1000-watt bulbs and is visible 21-24 miles.

photo by Constance carlsen

photo by Constance carlsen


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