I Guess What I am Trying To Say…

IMG_6662  You have been there through thick and thin. I was pretty sure , just like pretty much any relationship, after about 6 months, I truly thought that the flame would start to dwindle. it didn’t, it started to burn stronger. I never believed in ” love at first sight”, I actually thought it was the most pathetic, cliche saying that I have ever heard. that was until, it happened to me. I became drunk off your love. There is no amount of drug that can make me feel as high as you make me feel. I love you, and I do not just ” love ” you , I am ” in Love ” with you.                                        You have given me the best gift anyone could ever give someone. You have given me three beautiful children. People look at us,sometimes with crazy eyes. I know what they are thinking. You would think that a 32 year age difference would have affected us in some way, but not at all. I knew when I seen you 13 years ago that you were the one. Maybe I am an old soul, or maybe you are a young one. Either way , you are the beat to my heart.

” If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to tell you I love you.” You have brought so much happiness and joy to my life. You make me laugh everyday, even when I am in a bad mood, you will not give up until I at least give you a smile. In the past 13 years, we have had some ups and downs, arguments,disagreement, but what relationship doesn’t? If there was none of that, then I would feel something was wrong. There is no couple in the world that does not argue or have a disagreement, to me that is not a relationship if there is none. I still get butterflies in the pit of my stomach when I know you are on your way home and I see you pull in the driveway. You walk in and the first thing you do before anything else, is kiss me hello.

I love the fact that you refuse to go to bed with one of us angry. Yes it is a little annoying, you pestering me, tickling me , forcing me to stay awake until I am no longer upset with you, but you are right, we should never go to bed angry, and always tell each other ” I Love You” , God forbid. I love the fact that I know what kind of mood you are in as soon as you get up in the morning. I love how you know how I take my coffee. I love the way you play with the kids. I love the way you kiss me, the way you hug me , the way you hold me tight at night when we go to bed, the way you say ” I love you” , like it is the last chance you will ever have to say it to me. I love that , even when you are uncomfortable the way you are laying , you lie to me because you know that I comfortable. It is all the little things that count and make you so unique and different, as well a lovable.

I guess what I am trying to say, is , not only do I ” Love ” you, but I am soo madly ”  In Love ” with you! Thank you for being my husband , and asking me to be your wife.


2 thoughts on “I Guess What I am Trying To Say…

    • constancecarlsen1 says:

      Yes he really does.I truly love him and I am grateful that God brought us together. I sit and wonder , what would my life had been if he wasn’t in it? If my kids were not here? I think it would have been a very dull and boring life.Now , if God could just grant me 1% of my children’s energy so I can keep up , that would be great!

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