Photography ny Constance Carlsen

Photography ny Constance Carlsen  

For the New Year I have decided that I was going to start eating healthy since my diet has consisted of twizzlers and grits. I decided while I was in Rite Aid and seen this ” Magic” pill that everyone has been ranting about , even on television. “Green Bean Coffee Extract”, I seen it and said, ” hmmmm, maybe i will give it a shot since i am about 10 pounds over weight. So I bought them….along with two kit-kat bars. I know, I know! I figured maybe I can use the caffeine as well as the pounds shedding. Then I thought to myself…… God made me the way that I am, and if he loves me the way that I am than I must be beautiful with the extra ten pounds. I mean it is not like 10 pounds is such a big deal. So what that I weigh 148 at 5’3 right? How I look at it, if my kids,husband,mother,etc love me the way that I am why I can’t I?

So for the New Year, my resolution is to….. STOP BEATING MYSELF UP OVER STUPID THINGS…like my weight! There are so many other important things in life than to worry about weight.

Women? this is for all you women out there that are so concerned with their weight. You are absolutely beautiful exactly the way you are! You do not have to change for anyone. Stop convincing yourself that society has to be thin. Go get that double cheese burger and fries at McDonald’s.( I get a diet Pepsi with that lol) Only because I like the taste.

Listen, no matter how many diet pills they come out with, how many diet plans they come out with, it is all crap. All you have to do is portion you food and you will be fine. Do not eat until your button flies off your jeans. Remember , God loves you for you. God loves every inch of your being ,and God is your friend and would never judge you. god is your best friend, the one that will always stay by your side. You are BEAUTIFUL!


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