What is Wrong With Men

I read a blog the other day that I found quite interesting. It was written by a fellow blogger that I follow, very interesting man and wonderful reads as well. The blog was ” What is wrong with women?” . Now , yes ,everyone is entitled to their own opinions , I am far from being perfect. I do not think there is a single person out in the world that is ” perfect” except for the man above. But really? That question could be reversed ya know. That is exactly what I decided to do.

” What is wrong with MEN?”, should really be the question here, don’t you think ladies? See.. men love us at first. At first we are always “beautiful” in the beginning, sexy,sweet,desirable,etc. We also get, ” Why are you putting make-up on? You are gorgeous without it. Oh yes, we are just God’s gift to all men in the beginning…….until….

After about a year or so (especially when there is children involved) it starts… “Why don’t you dress up nice once in a while?”, “Why don’t you do your hair nice once in a while?”, “Why don’t you do your make-up anymore? “You barely cook anymore, or even have sex with me anymore.” The list goes on ladies.

You know how I feel……. If I was not constantly picking up after you, putting the toilet seat down so I do not fall in , in the middle of the night, doing your laundry,making your appointments,cooking your dinner, doing your dishes, getting the kids together, doing their laundry,taking them to every after school activity,changing diapers, cleaning the house, etc……


You know what HONEY, while you are sitting on the couch with one hand holding a beer, the other half-way down your pants, and the remote sitting on top of your beer belly, you feet up on the glass table that I just got finished dusting, I think I will go in ,take a shower,do my hair,my make-up,dress up nice, call the girls and go out to find a real man who will reciprocate instead of complain. This way you will not have to worry about what I look like , how I dress, how my hair is. I will actually have a real reason to spruce myself up and keep my man intrigued.

Oh yeah… don’t let the door hit on your ass on the way out …. of my house!


10 thoughts on “What is Wrong With Men

  1. bkpyett says:

    Funny, but true!. As soon as a man becomes complacent, and slips into the habits you mentioned, stops being rewarded and praised, disaster strikes!! 🙂
    enjoyed this Constance, and thanks for your follow!

    Liked by 1 person

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