One Lovely Blog Award

    I have never …NEVER…. been nominated for any kind of award! I feel extremely honored, I feel like I just hit mega millions. lol I thank Kirt Tisdale for this one. He has been somewhat of my mentor throughout my blogging, photography , as well as other websites that I have had no clue on what to do on them ! He has such amazing work in photography, and on wordpress as well. I thank you for taking the time out to read each one of my blogs and comment on them as well. You always know when someone has actually read your blog when they comment on it. Please check out Kirt Tisdales, ” Thewallgallery” . You have no idea on the beauty you are missing out on if you have not yet visited his site on google+.

7 Things about me:

  • very outdoorsy person in the summer!
  • I have become a good photographer in the past 2 years
  • I have three beautiful girls that have made me who I am today
  • I live on Long Island
  • I am a clean freak
  • I battle with depression everyday/ I have overcome addiction

I do not like telephone, or even talking on them

My nominations for ” One Lovely Blog Award” are below. Such amazing stories, talent,poems, I can sit and read their blogs all day every day. These people are very motivated as well as motivation. Such lovely work , everyone should be a fan.


2 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    Well congratulations Constance! You are so right, you have become a good photographer and you write like a pro. You deserve this award and I proud you received it. I am headed to see these nominees right now. Let me go see these fine folks you nominated! Way to go!

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