Snow Days

20141209_22525820141209_225442 Do you remember being a child, waking up to a “snow day”? NO SCHOOL! How exciting was that? Sometimes I wish I was a kid again , but then again who doesn’t ?

I remember waking up to seeing the snow falling and hitting the beautiful blanket of fresh fallen snow already on the ground. It looked like a winter wonderland. I remembered thinking to myself , how beautiful the world must look covered in a blanket of white ,crisp, fresh,glistening snow. I loved the way the sunlight glistened off the snow ,sparkles from every direction. I could never understand for the life of me why my parents always complained about snow days, until now that is. The memories of my childhood were so magical. the house we lived in was big and beautiful , and the woods surrounding it from every direction made it that much more spectacular. The way the icicles glistened off the bare tree branches was so magical. It was though it was straight out of a fairy tale. It was so beautiful and breathtaking.                                                    My brother ,sister, and I use to stay out all day ,from morning til night playing and sledding. We used to have a huge pond in the back yard that we used to ice skate on. The only time we did go inside was when my mother would call out to us that hot cocoa was on the table along with a monopoly board all set to play.

It is these memories that keep me from refusing to take my kids out to play in the snow. When I see them playing , having snowball fights, building snowmen, laughing and making snow angels, it fills my heart with so much emotion and reminds me of my childhood and how great it was. It sucks that life has to change , but, well, that is life. I want my children to have the best childhood and have good memories that they can share with their kids. When I take them out and they ask me to help with the snowman , or make a snow angel with them, it makes me feel like a kids again. Everyone has that inner child in them , you just have to find him/her and yank him/her out. So what do you say? Next time it is blustery cold out and the snow is falling, and the kids ask you to come out and play, what are you going to do? What are you going to say? I hope it is ” come on , let’s go out and play!”

We only have one life , and we never know when that life is going to be taken from us. Live as much as you can , and do not take everything so serious, and stop being so serious all the time! Have fun, laugh, love, live. Be that child you once were, you will see how happy it will make you ,even if it is just a for a bit. Yes we all come back to reality, but for now, step out of it.


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