Thank You ?

Thank you , thank you, thank you. It is like ” I love you”. It just get thrown around way to much. What does it really mean when people say ” thank you” ? Now do not be mistaken, some people actually do mean it when they say that “clichéd ” thank you”, but most say it because they are too busy. I sit here and wonder,especially when it comes to ” Social Media “, how many people actually mean those two words?  How many ” tweets ” do you receive,a day, saying ” thanks for the follow” or, ” thank you for the RT ” ? Probably more than you can count. It basically says. ” thanks ,but I am too busy to actually look at your profile , and too busy to read anything on your page.” I would rather have 5 true, sincere, followers , than 5000 fake ” Thank you’s ” .

Think about it. When it comes to ‘ WordPress ‘ , you get how many ” like’s”? How many “comments” ? Are people just scrolling and hitting : like ” just because they are ” following ” you? Or did they actually read the words that were written, in this case, ” typed ” ? And did they really and truly ” like ” what they read?

Back to the “thank you’s” . It is just like when someone says ” thank you ,but you really shouldn’t have! “. We all pretty much know what that means!  Thank you , but what you said I really di not acknowledge, or  thank you, but the gift is horrid and I will never use it, or wear it! That word get’s thrown around way to much , don’t you think?

People say ” please ” and ” thank you” when really they should just be grateful! To me , when someone says ” thank you ” it feels like a debt that I must repay. Instead , like I said , people should just be “grateful”

I am going to write something, sorry , ” type ” something at the bottom of this post, and lets see who actually read what I have typed.

Comment anything you want, anything at all. Comment the word ” like” instead of just clicking ” like “. If I see the comments than I know that my words ar actually being ” seen and read” . If I get a bunch of  clicks ( likes) than I know the followers I have are just in it for them, for the hope of a ” follow ” back/ DO you really know  your followers and if they are actually reading what you wrote? Are they true followers that will share your work with others and help your audience grow?


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