Empire Today

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Empire Today and their incompetence . Well I am writing a new post to let other readers and other Empire Today customers know that they turned their “wrong” into a “right”. After all the fighting,posts,arguments,etc. that I have had or written about to , or with Empire Today, they sent some installers to my house to replace my carpets. I could not be anymore pleased with the outcome. i still feel that if the carpets were put down right the first time around none of this would have transpired. But I am very grateful that they showed me that customer service DOES matter to the company. I look at it as an early Christmas present from Empire Today. The installers that came to replace my carpets we efficient. They were delightfully respectful and worked diligently and they were PROFESSIONAL!

I have no shame in my game. If I am not pleased with something I make sure it is known on just how unhappy I am. I will fight to get what I want. These days , you have to fight. I did not spend over a thousand dollars to have installers do a shoddy job. I truly feel that the first crew that came to install my carpets should not be employed at Empire Today. how dare they do such a shoddy job , all because they were late to a friends party. I guess they thought no one in the house understood or spoke spanish. Oh well, the job is done and it was done very well. I thank you , Empire Today, for hearing me and actually listening to me. The installers you sent to my house this time were on time and well-mannered.

Thank you , Empire Today, for such beautiful carpets. You made me a very happy woman. Happy Holidays!


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