Disgusting, and Pathetic

Politics are not my cup of tea, and I try to steer clear of even bringing them up due to the topic being so damn touchy. But this is just despicable,immoral,disgusting,ignorant,and anything else that you might want to add. I am not a person to tell someone to ” shut up” ,not at all, I am the person who is always fighting for a voice and fighting for others . This is one that I truly disagree on and I find morally disgusting!

Nassau County officers allowed a rapper from the Brooklyn to shoot a rap video in the abandoned part of the jail . i do not think they realized what the video was going to be about , nor did they realize that they were going to be in the video as well. The video is a disgrace to not only officers but to the people as well. It is people like this rapper, ” Uncle Murda” that give black people a bad name. I have no qualms with black people at all, my children are mixed, my husband is African American and cuban. So please ,by all mean do not think that.

Here is the link to the news article. If I keep ranting a raving about this , I will say something that will offend and that is not my intentions. I just get extremely disgusted when people do not hold themselves to high standards. i would be embarrassed if I was this rappers family. I know some will read this and say ” who the hell is she? And who cares what she says or thinks!”  You are right! You do not have to care about what I think ,but you must if you read what i wrote and read the article. You know deep down that this was incredibly stupid! I said it!! This is what we are teaching our kids?

http://nydn.us/1yt1GVL  This is the news article on this story. If you have any thoughts ,any comments on this , please right it in the comments box.


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