A Letter To My Children

Jaida & Autumn

Jaida & Autumn



I love you, all three of you girls. When I felt I had no place in this world , one by one you girls came along and filled my world with happiness and worth. You make me see, realize, and understand what true,unconditional love is. You girls make waking up everyone morning and facing this cruel world worth while. You brighten my world and make it incredible and I feel sorry for the people who will not allow themselves to feel happiness, and let it in their life ,especially those who have kids. you bring something new, amazing, and exciting into my life everyday. When I feel I am at my worse, and it is time for me to give up, I look at your faces , the artwork you bring me from school ,and how- it is to me- a masterpiece that not even Van Gogh could paint, I then know everything is going to be okay, that everything will work out .

You girls are my #1 fans , as I am yours. No matter right or wrong, I will be there to cheer you girls on from the sidelines. But make no mistake, I will also do my best to guide you and steer you in the right direction, without taking your dignity and self-worth. I will sit back and let you choose your path, but remember, I am always here. If you feel the path you are heading down is the wrong path, I will be here to lead you down the right one when you ask for my help. I will never interfere in all that you do, unless asked. Remember , I am here to guide you and help you learn right from wrong, but I WILL NOT enable you.

As a mom , I know I should clean up your messes, but I feel that ,that is enabling. I will not clean your messes up, but I will help you to figure out how to make things right. I can only give you the tools in life , it is up to you on how you want to apply those tools. I hope and pray that you do not make the same mistakes in life that I have made.

When I sneak in to your rooms at night to make sure you are all okay, you girls look so peaceful , and innocent. I wish there was a button to keep you girls at the ages you are. But no matter how old you girls become , you will always be my little babies. I know you girls have to grow, and I have to let you, I just wish you understood how hard that is. I know each one of you girls will evolve into something special ,unique, and extraordinary. When you feel I am pushing , or nagging to hard , or too much, just let me know. There are no words to describe how much I love you three. You are my life and someday you will be saying that to your own. I love you girls and I will always have your backs, and I will always hold your hands. I will catch you when ever you fall and If I am not there to catch you in time I will pick you up and dust you off,and let you know it is okay to fall sometimes. I will never ever give up on you girls, you were and are a blessing. I love you with every inch of my being, do not ever forget it. When you cry I will always be here to wipe your tears and tell you , everything is going to be okay. We all have our ups and downs in life , and I know you three are strong enough to fight through anything that comes your way. We have a bond that can not and will not ever be broken.

I am so proud at each and everyone of you ,especially you Jaida! You have been through so much in 13 years, more than many 13 year old’s will go through in a lifetime. You always keep your head held high. I have put you through a lot with my addiction , and I love you always for helping me get through it. You never ever gave up hope, and it is because of that hope, that I have overcome my addiction, and that we are together. You are such a strong young woman ,do not let anyone tell you different. You are beautiful inside and out and do not ever forget it. You girls are the air that I breathe and I would give my life for you girls. Thank you for bringing so much happiness and joy in to my life.


2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Children

  1. Kirt D Tisdale says:

    Reblogged this on thewallgalleryblog and commented:
    I have been following Constance blog for awhile…she is an incredible photographer and I admire her art! This particular blog grabbed my attention as I also have three girls (mid 20’s up to early 30’s) and I couldn’t have said what she said to her girls any better to my own. They grow up fast, but every age is a joy and fascination to watch! Unconditional love says it all!!

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    • constancecarlsen1 says:

      That was very sweet of you to say! Yes they grow up too fast!! It is so upsetting but at the same time it is amazing to see them evolving into their own person. It is amazing how children can brighten up a horrible day . They are so special ! ” source of Inspiration ” could not have put it any better. “children are our future” and I hop mine make a difference in this world and do not just fade into the noise, into the background. I hope each one of them have their own voice and stand up for they feel is right.

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