How To Impress Your Boss Without Looking Like a Brown Noser

  We all know that working diligently,being punctual,reliable,charismatic…etc.( you get the gist) is not the only things that get you in goods with your boss or gets you promoted. Yes I know that sucks ,but that is the reality. Personal impressions are extremely important and can be the reason for you getting in the bosses good graces.

If you work in an office and you want to improve the perception of your input, than here are a few ways you can appear more productive:

  • Dress to Impress- It is said that the better dressed are perceived as being better workers. But stay within the dress code.
  • Arrive earlier- This is a big key to impressing your boss. It is better to arrive earlier than to get stuck in traffic and wind up being late. You never know what the traffic or weather is going to be like that morning.
  • Baggage-Do not bring your personal problems from home. You want to leave your baggage at home! Your job is for ” impressing” not ” depressing” others.
  • Focus- Stay focused on your tasks. Do not surf the web, pay your bills, be a chatty Cathy. Just focus on your job.
  • Positive-Do not complain about your job. Stay positive even if you are not happy with your work or job. You can always talk to someone who can offer some remedies. there just might be something there that will spark your interest.
  • Overtime- Do not leave before your boss does. I know sometimes it can be very inconvenient. But if you got that promotion because of your overtime , you would not being thinking ” Inconvenience” now would you. It shows that you take your job seriously, and it shows your boss that he/she is not the only on that puts in the hours and works as hard. Leaving early shows a lack of passion.

These pretty much are no brainer , but sometimes we do not think of all these things. I mean who wants to work overtime all the time? But if you want that promotion , or you want to get on your bosses good side, all these help. There is of course more ,but these are pretty important.


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