Empire Today and Their Horrible Customer Service/Installations


I can not believe the amount of disgust from customers that is pouring in on the consumer affairs website, as well as yelp and empiretoday.pissedconsumer.com.

I am one of those customers that wrote a complaint about Empire Today. If you ever want to see what a bunch of crooks look like in a crowd just call Empire Today. They steal your money, do half fast jobs,have no customer service experience what so ever!. They broke a crystal dish that I had gotten as a wedding present and they did not have the dignity or respect to tell me about it. I found out after they left and I cleaned up their mess! Another issue that I had, was the fact that they were in a rush to get to a party that they were running late to. They did not realize that my husband is spanish speaking.

Empire Today definitely wins the trophy for ” Worse Customer Service” and ” The Most Disrespectful Installers” and they get to bring home the gold on ” Incompetence”

I suppose if you want carpets installed , either DIY, or call another carpet company. My 5-year-old could have installed the carpet better than Empire Today. Empire Today needs to go to the library and check out ” How To Install a Carpet For Dummies”

You can check out all the complaints @: yelp.com                                                                                                                                                                                    consumeraffairs.com                                                                                                                                                                  empiretodaypissedconsumers.com

I understand this is not a post a page or anything else but a complaint! I needed to get my words out there!

Any thoughts or comments?


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