Tranquility BY Constance Carlsen

   I woke up on the wrong side of the bed last week and I had to think of a way to change my bad mood into a good one. I decided to go down to the ocean and catch the sunrise and let off some steam. My life has become a little chaotic the last few months and I am trying really hard to change. See , I am a person that lets everything build up inside until that awful day comes where I just BLOW UP! So I have decided to try something different, ready for it……MEDITATION!!  Yes I decided to go down to the beach to meditate while surrounded by God’s beauty, and that it is. I stayed for about an hour and I really did not think it was going to work, but it did, and I was amazed. I felt more energetic, happy, physically better,less tired, and relaxed at the same time. I felt ‘REJUVINATED’.The scenery was just breathtaking. I could have not asked for a better morning or a better sunrise. It was a little chilly considering it was November , but it was beautiful. I suggest to anyone who is having a bad day , to go somewhere you have never been ( around your town or close by) and just take in the fresh air and the beauty that surrounds you. When I heard people talk about doing something like this  I thought , ‘yeah okay who are you kidding’ , I apologize to anyone I have offended with my ignorance on the subject of meditation. It truly helps. Just give it a shot. Okay I am done rambling.


One thought on “Tranquility

  1. Kirt D Tisdale says:

    I couldn’t pass by without a couple of comments:

    Your photography is stunning!! Beautiful!
    Meditation does work. I do prayerful meditation every morning…love it! I really like your idea about going somewhere different to take in the fresh air and beauty that surrounds us!

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