How To Overcome Your Shyness

Shyness by Constance Carlsen

Shyness by Constance Carlsen

I decided to do a post on ‘Shyness’ due to my OWN shyness. I actually owe this one to Mike Pratt! After looking at his posts and reading about who he is, he has inspired me to get out of my shell and become more confident.

Shyness is truly just a habit,and a bad one at that. Most people become shy because they are afraid of rejection. What other to avoid rejection than to be quiet and void everyone. The best way to break this habit is by treating it like any other bad habit and that takes time. You  have to take baby steps.While taking those baby steps to confidence , do not talk yourself out of it. Do not think ahead because if you start thinking negative or start thinking that rejection is up the road than you will start regressing instead of progressing.

Just because someone seems very quiet to you, doesn’t always mean that they are shy, it could also mean that they just like to be left alone. We call those people introverts. Even though most introverts are shy some just like to be left alone.

With today’s society though it makes things challenging when do try to talk to someone and their face is buried in their cell phone. This is why my last post was about setting boundaries when it comes to technology.

Most people who are shy feel like they have nothing to talk about and that if they do overcome that shyness for a little bit, they feel that they need to have something extremely exciting to talk about. That is not the case. Even though it is cliché, you can simply start a conversation by asking if that person lives around here. You will be amazed how that can start a conversation that might just last for a while. Give people a chance to talk about themselves. People feel that shy people are self-absorbed and that is not the case.

Try to get into the habit of remembering what people say,this way you can spark up a conversation next time you see them. Regardless of how uncomfortable it is, if you really want to get out of that shell, you need to be a little uncomfortable. Eventually that uncomfortable feeling will be taken over by confidence.


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