When you think you have it bad

IMG_5266  The one thing I can’t stand hearing is ” Why is my life so bad?” Are you serious? You have a car,house,food,clothes,health,family,healthy children,job,etc and you think you have a bad life? Say that to someone who does not have any of that.  I do not have a car , house,bank account,job,or good health but I am happy. Christmas is coming I can not get my kids anything. I went to the church and they are helping with three presents each for each child I have , so nine presents is what I shall be receiving for my children. Am I upset? Of course , they are my children , I want to be able to get them everything they want but life does not work that way. After Sandy I lost my apartment, I am living with friends and family, here and there, but I have my kids! All three of my girls almost did not make it into this world ,but by the grace of God he knew that those three lives were worth saving. I am not saying that no one else’s life is not worth saving , please do not think that, everyone is worth saving. I do not even know the last time I was able to buy new clothes for anyone of my kids or even myself. I can not get daycare because I do not have a job, I can’t get a job because I do not have daycare. I bring my children with me to rake someones yard for a little bit of money just so I can feed my kids. I had to beg a worker at King Kullen to please let me have a package of diapers because I could not afford them. My husbands medical bills are up the wall as well as mine and my two little ones. With all that said I am still very happy. Why? I wake up every morning for starters, I am able to kiss my kids good morning. I am here to watch my kids grow up and become something big. I have my family that supports me the best way they can, and trust me my family is the smallest family around. I was never this way until something went wrong a couple of years back ,but that is a whole other story. I am SO grateful that not only myself , but my kids can speak and hear, they have all ten fingers and all ten toes. They are happy even when things are really tough or daddy is not around. Seeing my kids smile and not have a worry in the world makes my day everyday. That is my job! My job is to worry and to make sure they are happy. Life is not just about money  and material things. Life is about love and helping others and sharing knowledge and just being there to support others who need it. I would not trade my life for a new one if someone offered. I fell into a slump after Super Storm Sandy , I can pick myself up and get back on track.Do you really think you have it that bad now? Do me a favor , when you think life is so bad, get a piece of paper and a pen,write down the pros and cons in your life. I bet you will come out with more pros.IMG_53952014-05-08 22.25.22My three girls,Top:Autumn,bottom:Halea,Jaida


One thought on “When you think you have it bad

  1. constancecarlsen1 says:

    I know this is not usually what I would write about ,but I was out today and I was listening to a woman talking on her phone,or should I say complaining about only having a little over $57,000 in her savings account. If I was her I would be very grateful for that instead of having 57 cents in her account.


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