Signs of over processing

20140705_074207 (3) Todays cameras ( DSLR ) give us wonderful color in our images that we do not really need to do too much to enhance them. But yet we still feel the need to fiddle around with the image,whether that is enhancing the colors,sharpness,vignette,etc, Sometimes though it is not a good thing and we wind up taking a beautiful natural looking image and turning it into a mess!

Lightroom has become real popular and extremely accessible to photographers. But if we become too ” enhancement happy” with our editing  we can easily over process. Here are few popular ones:

Over highlighting are we?

This can happen if we boost the contrast too far. Using software such as Lightroom has a histogram. If you see too much exposure on the right end of the graph ( under develop tab ) than you have over done it with highlights.

PicsArt_1412803424042 Saturation issues?

This is a big problem .especially with beginners. You never want to over do it with the colors, it just looks unnatural and like a big ” MESS”.                                                                                                                                                                       Lightroom is good to use due to all the selections you have. Instead of over saturating the whole image , you can select which color you want to enhance.

A beautiful silhouette of a bird on a branch


 Sharpen up!                                                                                                                                                                               Remember you can not sharpen and unsharp image. I am guilty of that I admit it. When I first started I thought if my image was blurry than sharpening it up a little should work. eh wrong! It is very noticeable . You will see little black and white checker boxes. You do not want to image looking like a checker board. Sharpening is to sharpen an already great image but do not over do it. Not only does it give you checkers but it also makes your image look jagged.

art by Constance Carlsen

art by Constance Carlsen

 To Vignette or not to Vignette

It is ok to use it when you want to draw your audiences eye to your main focus, but to do it just because you like it and think it will look great in your image is a big fat NO NO! You do not want you image looking like a one dollar frame. Remember taht is just to let your audience know the main focal point of your image.


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