PicsArt_1416163195049 I thought with the Holidays coming and all that it would be nice to share a few apps with my fellow WordPress buddies that can help you save money this year. You might have heard of them ,you may not have. For those that have never heard of them here they are. Just a few anyway:

COUPONSHERPA- is a coupon app that you can get on your phone. It requires no cutting,you can scan the coupon directly from your phone.

MINT.COM- is another great site that helps you track your minute to minute spending.

GASBUDDY- is an app that will help you find the cheapest gas prices around your area for all that holiday driving you will be doing this year.

POACHIT.COM- is another great site that allows to find the best deals on items you want . show it to the cashier and ask them nicely, can we match this price?

ECARDS- the best way to save on Christmas cards,stamps,and envelopes plus it is more fun. There is nothing like creating your own card and giving it your own personal touch. It lets people know who you really are .

Have fun this holiday season and SAVE,SAVE,SAVE, away. After the holidays , if you do not want the apps anymore or they are just taking up too much room just uninstall them until next year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


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