Waterfalls/Windy Days

Beautiful images of waterfalls.

How to shoot loving water:

You always want to keep an eye on the weather. Weather is always critical in a shoot ,but for this kind of shoot direct sunlight is more of a pain than anything. Sunlight,means ,dark shadows and creates blown highlights in the white water. the shadows and highlights make it impossible to get a balanced exposure.                                                                                       Rain is a problem as well. Too much water flowing and you will capture featureless white water. You want to look for gaps between the trails of the fallen water,it helps to ass texture as well as contrast.

To set up , you will need your tripod and remote control. Set mirror lock as well since you need to use long exposure for waterfall images. A filter enabler would be useful also to enable you to set slow shutter. Set your camera to manual mode and put in your lens’ smallest aperture.

camera filters

If you set your camera’s Iso to the smallest aperture,the only way to reduce the shutter speed even more is to attach a filter.


A Windy day

Showing “energy” in your photograph incorporates some interest into your work and also catches the eyes of your audience. But taking photographs on windy days can be quite challenging and puts your camera at risks or makes things difficult where blur is concerned. So what to do? If you are trying to catch trees blowing in the wind you want to use a very fast shutter speed, this way you will be able to freeze the scene.                                                                                                    Fast shutter speed,small aperture. This would not have worked on a cloudy or dark day. that would mean a different shutter speed that would not have worked. You have to remember though, that a windy day can mean you will have a tough time holding your grounds so you would want to secure your tripod to the ground and use a remote control.



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