Stolen Ebola!

Ebola kills again

What happened and what is being done to protect us from this deadly virus?

If you watch the news,listen to the radio,or even watch Bill O’Reilly than you heard about the stolen blood samples that contain the Ebola virus.

Armed robbers in Guinea stole a batch of blood samples that contained the Ebola virus.It was being transported to a test center n southern Gueckedou. The blood samples were being transported on a minibus, yes I said a minibus,and were in a cooler. The blood was stored in a sealed container and was being escorted by four Red Cross officials. Supposedly the robbers had no idea what they stole and thought it was money. Guinea authorities appealed to the robbers on National radio and pleaded for the safe return of the samples.

   Does anyone else have or even see a problem with this? Not only did the Red Cross not have their own vehicle but they were transporting the samples in a taxi . It took the stupidity of these robbers stealing the blood samples to show us that we needed better security around a deadly disease. Seriously? It should have never been on the ground to begin with , in my opinion, the samples should have been transported via airplane with heightened security. Do you know what could have happened if that fell into the wrong hands, hmm,say Al-Qaeda! They could have used this against us! They could have sold this on the black market and wiped us out. Talk about a plague. You may think I am a little over board I don’t know. I mean am I the only one concerned about the security around this? It is not like they were just transporting regular blood samples. So what is going to be done to heighten the security and the safety of the people? Any thoughts…


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