Oh The Wonderful Holidays

A Child's Christmas Forest

A Child’s Christmas Forest

The holidays are coming and with the holidays comes chaos,troubles of cooking,getting the house together,setting the table, figuring out where every one is going to sit. But along with all that chaos and insanity comes FAMILY. There is nothing like sitting around the table listening to holiday music and sharing stories and getting a few good laughs,cuddling up with your loved one on the couch under a nice warm blanket either talking by the lights of Christmas tree or watching a great old fashion Christmas movie. There is no other movie like “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The anticipation and excitement in the children’s eyes and faces when they open up Christmas presents.                                                                                          

  Some people think of the holidays as nothing but stress and frustrations such as having to find the right gifts for someone , the cooking, the wrapping,the setting up etc. It does not have to be that way. Do not be a Scrooge around the Holidays. They are supposed to fun and exciting and filled with laughter and the warm feeling of helping others. It is a time to be grateful for all that we have and all that we have been given. I love shopping and trying to find that perfect gift.My only problem is trying to hold on to that gift and not give it to them as soon as I walk in the door. That is my favorite part about the holidays , is giving.  Your senses come alive around the holidays. With the sweet smells of apple pies and strudel, the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and spices fill the house giving ME that warm cozy feeling. Around my house it is a Winter wonderland and that is just the inside.  

    Every year my husband and I get the girls dressed ,jump in the car, and go sight-seeing. I love seeing all the houses on the block dressed up in dazzling lights. Some have dancing lights displayed with fancy decorations and other have an elegant look to them. I love them both. I l love every single minute of every single day when the holidays starts approaching. the smell and feel of a real Christmas tree, the baking,the caroling, yes we still have carolers that come around , making Christmas cards knowing that you are going to be putting a smile on someones face when they open up their mailbox. but my favorite amongst everything that I just wrote, is getting my beautiful girls dressed in their cozy pj’s ,going outside with a bag of oatmeal and spreading it all over the front yard for Santa’s reindeers. We come back inside , I make hot cocoa for me my husband and three girls, ( you must have marshmallows and whipped cream on top) get all cozy on the couch, we shut off all the lights and television and I read to them ” The Night Before Christmas” by the Christmas tree lights then time for bed.

     Holidays are all about happiness , family ,good cheer, and helping others. And of course we can not forget that it is also about Christ. I get a cake from the bakery every year that says ” happy birthday Jesus”. I hope the holidays are as much fun for you as they are for me and my family. May your holidays be bright and wonderful.                                                                                                                           


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