Photography problems?

Photography is pretty much the most expensive hobby out there. Between cameras and equipment you are spending a pretty penny.Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer , we all seem to encounter the same problems. Here are few questions and some answers to go among with them. And remember photography is supposed to be fun and not feel like a job, whether it is a job or just a hobby it should never feel too much like work!

1. investing in a really good camera is the #1  problem that photographers have especially amateurs and beginners. Most photographers always want to invest in a DSLR camera but are torn between full frame and APS-C sensor sizes. ( APS-C) advanced photo system. Type C is a sensor format. So What do I do?

The choice is truly up to you, the buyer, my suggestion to you? Do your research on some of the DSLR’s that you have had your eyes on. the full frame is great for portraiture where you would want a wide aperture to blur the background and make your main focus for image stand out.

APS-C are really good for landscapes. they are good when you want large depths of field.

So if you are more into landscapes than stick with the APS-C. The real only difference is the sensor sizes.

2. You will hear a lot of professional photographers talk about large and small apertures. What exactly does that mean?

Aperture are a tidbit confusing. The smaller the aperture the higher the number used. The smallest F/stop #’s are the widest aperture settings. ( F/2.8 and F/4) So when you hear a photographer say , I am using a smaller aperture, they are actually using the F/stop numbers.

F/stop-a camera setting corresponding to a particular f-number

So the smaller number lets more light in where the highest numbers lets less in.

3. not getting such great pictures inside the house? Getting a yellow cast in your images?

Your problem is pretty simple. Your AWB ( auto white balance ) could be inaccurate. The best ,easiest,and fastest solution is switch to the tungsten setting when shooting under interior lights. You can also shoot in RAW format so you can adjust the WB to your liking.

4. Buying a superzoom lens but keep getting ghosting and flare when shooting into the light?

Light bounces around inside the lens and bounces off of walls, say white. The easiest solution is to get a lens hood. This will instantly cut down the amount of light that is entering into the lens.

5. Does you camera seem to be focusing on the wrong subject? It can be quite annoying especially when you really want to focus on one particular subject.

the multi auto focus uses all the AF points. Focusing locks onto the closes point in a scene. If you want to keep a subject’s eye sharp in a portrait than switch to SP AF ( single point ). This way you will have complete control on focusing on what you want to be focused on.

6. Are you confused about RAW and JPEG image quality? Do not worry , so are many others so you are not alone.

RAW is awesome for carrying out alterations to many of the cameras image settings even after shooting. You can alter  the image using the manufacturers software or import plug-ins such as  adobe PS or lightroom.

JPEG is now a universal standard, viewable anywhere straight from the camera. Use JPEG for general shots and switch to RAW when it comes to more important projects.

7. Problems with landscapes a lot of photographers have is either the ground is to dark or the sky is to white and looses detail. Are you one of these photographers?

I really can’t say there is a simple solution, you will have to put in a little work with this one. There are a few things you can do here.

1. Use a tripod and take two shots than emerge them into one. The problems with this is you are shooting landscapes that have trees in them, and it windy, the branches can cause you a problem when emerging them.                           2. Another is your camera DSLR’s facility for compressing tonal range. Nikon’s – Active D-lighting or Canons- Auto lighting optimizer.                                                                                                                                                                               3. But with all that said , just take the shot in RAW mode,ensure the exposure is pretty dark, than process the RAW file twice to create too images to merge together.

8. Like capturing nighttime images but are not sure what setting to use?

To take full control of your shoot, shoot in Manual Mode so you can choose the aperture and shutter speed. Shooting at night obviously means less light which also means slow shutter speed. The best thing to do is to attach your camera to a tripod , because of such slow shutter speed keep your hands off the tripod, any tiny movement can blur your image. You can get a shutter release remote.

Well I hope this has helped a few of my fellow photographers. I hope I have answered a few questions that have been wondering around inside that head of yours. But like I said earlier, photography is supposed to be fun and adventurous. you are supposed to enjoy what you are doing. Photography should not feel like a job. If you do not love what you are doing than find what you really want to do. It is never too late to start new projects. With photography , you see something new everyday or something that has been there but you just never noticed it before until you got into photography. It tells a story and it shows who you are. You get to share yourself and your love for photography with others and just think, YOU might the inspiration for someone else.There are so many wonderful reason why photography is such a wonderful hobby or job. But maybe that will be my next blog ! What do you think?


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