A few photography tips

PicsArt_1410864914070Want to take better photos????? From the mouth of Robert Capa ” If your photographs are not good enough , than you are not close enough!”

            Get closer to your subject

If your subject is a person than you would want to get closer to that person so you can get all the features and characteristics that subject has to offer. If you are trying to tell a story through your photography and it is of emotions and everyday people you would want your audience to be able to read what you are trying to capture.

            Check the lighting

Check the lighting and look  from which direction the light is coming from. Whether the lighting is natural light or from a lamp make sure it is lighting all the right areas. Is it highlighting the area or is it casting shadows? You never want to stand with your back to the sun , if you are trying to take a picture of something right in front of you whether a flower or a field you shadow will most likely be in that shot. Make sure you check out your surrounding and angles.

Using the flash button

Can you use flash during the day? YES! If the sun is bright and is casting  shadows on your subject but not the shadows you want ,than turn on the flash and see if it does the trick ! People believe that flash is only for at night or low lit areas. That is not true. You will be able to create an even exposure but throwing a little more light on your subject.

Shutter or not to shutter

Shutter speed is always good especially if you are trying to get your subject in motion. To get your subject in motion you need to use a high shutter speed. I believe it is 1/500th of a second or maybe  little lower. what I love about shutter speed is you get great movement out of your shoot. To capture streaks of something such as moving lights you need to use a low shutter speed.


I am very hesitant when it comes to using watermarks. Watermarks can keep anyone from stealing your images , but it can also ruin your sales. You put a watermark on your image than your audience will most likely just be focused on that . If you are a beginner and you are not sure if you should use watermarks or not read up on it and than decide. I am not here to tell you to use them or not too. BUT it does make it more difficult to sell your images.

My camera is my necklace

Never go anywhere without your camera.Even if I am just going to my mailbox I have my camera. No matter where you go there is always something unique and beautiful to capture. Plus it never fails, every time you go out without your camera something spectacular always seems to happen. I know it does for me!

Not to much

Do not have to much in your image. Your audience will not know what the main focus is supposed to be in your image. Photography is like telling a story , your images tell your audience that story and if the image is to busy than you are just going to confuse them. They want to know exactly what your main focus was for that image. Have a main focal point and not to many colors.

The right way

There is a right and wrong way to hold your camera. Always hold your camera with one hand under the lens and one on the side with the trigger button. Keep your elbows tucked in close to your side. This should keep the camera from shaking or at least minimize the shake.

To many colors

Try not to have to many colors in your shoot, otherwise it will look like a big mess. If it is of a rainbow that is a different story. But like I said earlier, too many colors can distract your audience and can throw them off and confuse them.

    In the beginning my images were a huge mess. I really did not know too much of what I was doing. As time went by I became better at photography and I took in a lot of constructive criticism . There is always room for improvement and learning. Listen to what the professionals are trying to tell you and if you do not understand ask again . If photography is your passion than go for it . The only person that can keep you from following your dreams and your passions is YOU!.  Have fun, experiment and enjoy. Photography is supposed to be fun and exciting! HAVE FUN and I hope this blog helped a little .


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