How to decide between black and white photography or color photography.

         Color photography started in the early 1800’s ,but even though they started experimenting with color photography society today is still undecided if they should present their work in black and white or color. There are so many benefits to both choices. Color brings out a lot in an image and the hues will tell you what season that photographer is shooting in. Colors of spring are clear and bright where Autumn has rich earthy tones such as reds, oranges and browns. Winter has an icy feel and blue undertones that are different from summers blue undertones and the warmth it brings.

Black and White photography VS Color photography

The benefits of color photography

Color always catches the eye. I might be wrong but in my opinion too much color, depending on the image makes that image to busy. An image with some color is okay. You want the buyer or people to be able to understand the story in the image. Do not get me wrong I love colored images as well as black and whites especially in the Fall . The colors are beautiful in Autumn , there is such a variety especially with landscapes. Also you have to make sure the lighting is just right especially if you are shooting portraits. I mean that goes for black and whites as well but you want to make sure that if you are shooting … ice cream, we will say , you have to make sure the lighting is just right so you can see the textures.

                                                                 The benefits of black and white photography

Black and white images seem more seductive and timeless. In my opinion black and white images allow others to focus on the story you are trying to tell. If you take a photo of a child you can read that child’s face and that child’s emotion without all the colors in the background distracting you away from the photographers portrayal of that photo.

It is up to you , the photographer, whether or not you want your photo in black and white or color. Test things out! Todays technology allows to shoot in many different settings. Technology has given us the opportunity to decide which setting we want to shoot our images in.  Digital cameras today have setting for fish eye ,vibrant,monochrome ,etc. So the best thing to do in my opinion if you are not sure which setting you prefer than try all of them and see which one gives you that wow feeling. If you are not sure than let your fans decide! Post one in monochrome and one in color and ask people to vote and give their opinion! But be smart about . Meaning … if you are shooting landscapes in Autumn and it is across a lake and there are reflections than of course you would shoot in color to get all the beautiful colors of Fall instead of black and white where you would just get a blob of grey. Be smart about it and have fun !! EXPERIMENT !! That is the fun of photography besides the beauty that we capture through the lens.


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